August 28

The Importance Of Energy Star Products

Energy Star Products

If you have visited a store of any electrical appliances, you would often come across the labels showing “Energy Star”. What does it mean? What is the significance of the Energy Star label? In simple terms, any product that carries Energy Star label is considered as energy efficient. Nowadays, businesses and individuals are looking for ways to save energy to prevent the depletion of non-renewable energy in all possible ways. You can visit to know more about natural resources and conserving energy. You can check more here about the energy star label.

An energy efficient electrical appliance uses relatively lesser electricity, thereby bringing savings on your electricity bill. Energy Star is a program that is run by U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This is an independent agency that is not associated with any brand or company in any way. EPA inspects the device for energy efficiency before providing the Energy Star certificate. This certificate has earned a trust from the consumers that companies are very particular about getting the Energy Star certification for their products. At present, more than 300 millions of Americans have purchased the Energy Star certified products.

Retailers, utilities and consumers rely on the Energy Star certification to boost the sales of their products in many ways. First, acquiring this certification helps the business to differentiate their (energy efficient) products from other ordinary products. Secondly, the certification helps to attract more buyers as the consumers show interest in products that save energy. In the year 2017, over 2000 retailers and manufacturers have made a tie-up with the Energy Star to manufacture millions of Energy Star products. Additionally, the agency is also involved in raising the awareness about the energy efficiency to the consumers. This has lead people to prefer more on energy efficient pumps, refrigerator, thermostats, water heater, and light bulbs.

Energy Star has been evolving with technological advancements and industry changes. For example, EPA has recently updated the performance criteria for the products of various categories that include ceiling fans, clothes washers, commercial water heaters, and UPS. Additionally, more than 2000 products got the recognition for being as “Energy Star Most Efficient” for the making products with higher energy efficiency, using the advanced technologies.

The year 2017 saw lots of products receiving certification from the EPA. The agency has more than 600 laboratories for testing the products. The agency has taken huge measures to maintain their integrity and retain the trust of the customers and manufacturers. You can enjoy lots of benefits by buying Energy Star certified products. Such products offer a great peace of mind as they are tested by the trustworthy third party for their energy-efficient performance. Energy Star certified appliances can offer advanced and more list features while maintaining the energy efficient performance.

Choosing an Energy Star product can be a smart choice. You can find more details about the about the Energy Star rating and their requirements from their official website. Keeping updated about the Energy Star related news will help you take a wise decision when shopping for the products.