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Heart Attack Symptoms For Men And Women

Heart attacks and heart-related problems have become vastly common for both men and women. You can identify the pre-symptoms of a heart attack by being aware of any sudden changes to your body. These symptoms, however, differ slightly for men and women. If you experience any of abnormal symptoms linked to heart attacks, seek immediate help from your doctor so that you can avoid further complications.

Early Symptoms
Whenever you suspect that something is wrong with your body, visit your nearest healthcare centre as soon as possible if not immediately. The doctor may suggest undergoing a routine check-up to detect the problem. Identifying heart-related problems at an early stage can help you recover from it more easily than after an attack, as it prevents damage to the cardiac muscles and surrounding blood vessels. The following are some of the early symptoms that you may experience before a heart attack:

· Slight discomfort and pain in your chest
· Shoulder and neck pain
· Feeling anxious and confused
· Abnormal sweating
· Vomiting sensation and dizziness

People should be on the lookout for these symptoms; if you have faced any of the above symptoms, get yourself checked by a doctor to see if it might be due to a heart problem.

Symptoms Experienced By Men
Researchers have proved that men are more prone to heart attack than women. It is also seen that men suffer from heart problems at an earlier age. A family history of heart problems can be the major reason for heart problems in men. People who drink and smoke regularly are at a risk of heart attacks from an early age. Men who suffer from high blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity have a higher chance of experiencing a heart attack in the near future than those who don’t. Some of the common symptoms of heart attack in men are:

· A constant but mild chest pain that squeezes your chest. The intensity of the pain may increase or decrease
· Pain in the neck, arms, shoulders, jaw. They may also suffer some discomfort in the upper part of the body
· Abnormal heartbeats
· Bloating or digestive problems
· Feeling tired and breathless
· Dizziness

Symptoms Experienced By Women
The symptoms that women experience before a heart attack are different from men’s simply because the cause is usually not the same. It is seen that a majority of women who experience heart attacks suffer from chronic fatigue and anxiety. They do not experience severe chest pains like men. The symptoms that are specific to women who may experience heart attacks are:

· Unusual fatigue, feeling tired even when resting
· Improper sleep
· Indigestion and gas problem
· Dizziness
· Difficult to breath
· Pain in the jaws, shoulders, throat
· Abnormal discomfort and pressure in your chest that moves to your arms

These are some of the symptoms that people should look out for to avoid a heart attack. To better understand your risk of getting a heart attack, visit your doctor for a consultation and checkup. By understanding your body, you can remain healthy and happy.

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