March 22

House Training A Dog Using Dog Diapers


Most of the times people are apprehensive about getting older dogs home as they feel that it is impossible to house train them. Using a diaper on dogs who are not potty trained can be one of the best ways to deal with the situation. There are many online videos of dog specialists on how to potty train a dog and use dog diapers. You can check their Youtube Channel to learn it. When used correctly it helps both the owner and the pets as it will prevent unnecessary accidents. Find more info on how to house train your dog’s using diapers in this article.

The Training Process
The essential thing to do when training a dog is to make them understand that a diaper is not their enemy. Often an extra thing on their body makes them anxious and upset. They often end up trying to tear apart the diaper. Making them wear a diaper should become a process which is fun and not a struggle between the owner and dog. If possible have another handler with whom the dog is equally comfortable with along with you. You can feed some favorite treats to dogs while the other try putting the diaper on the dog. The whole process will not be easy as it will try to get away from you, but you should soothe the dog and give it appropriate rewards when it allows. If despite repeated attempts the dog seems to hate wearing the diaper, it is better not to force it. Instead, you should resort to other methods of house training.

Is Your Dog Diaper Ready?
It is also essential for you to know if your dog is a suitable candidate for using a diaper. Below pointers will help you know it
Diapers are for dogs who are calm and don’t mind wearing accessories on their body, some dogs are very cooperative and allow their owners to put the diapers while other dogs just dislike it. If your dog falls into the latter section, then you should not insist on making them wear it. You should adopt other methods of house training.
Diapers are best suited for dogs that are house and potty trained. It is used only at the end of the training when your dog is comfortable going to potty outside. If your dog has more than one accident in a day, then you should probably wait for it to be fully trained.

Tips To Prevent Accidents In The Diaper
If your dog has had an accident in the diaper, it means that it is not entirely trained yet. There are a few things to do in such cases. The first thing is to see how often you take the dog out; you may want to increase the frequency. For example, if you are leaving the dog out every two hours during the day, then you should increase it to hourly trips. You can also treat the dog for going to potty outside and also limit access to your house, do not allow your dog to freely roam your house instead allow it only in a small part of the house.

Benefits of using a diaper:
When you are out of house dog accidents can happen anywhere, and worst of it is when it occurs on the carpet. The bad smell that emanates despite cleaning is the worst part of it all. Use of diapers prevents such mishaps.
Can be used on dogs when they go to a new place and are uncomfortable to go to potty there. Can be used on dogs with incontinence.